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Schenectady NY Home Inspections

We understand that buying a home is a major financial step for anyone, so it is natural to experience feelings of both excitement and stress in making the decision. At first glance, a home can appear absolutely amazing, only to discover there are issues less visible; but a thorough home inspection by Schenectady NY Home Inspections can put your mind at ease.


Our detailed home inspection reports will be complete with descriptions and photographs that will equip you with a solid view of the condition of the house, as well as sharing objective insight regarding the potential repairs or improvements recommended. And while our reports are very specific, we encourage our clients to join us during the walk-through of the property, so we will have the opportunity to discuss the specifics of our findings and answer your individual questions onsite.


At Schenectady NY Home Inspection, we know what is required in an inspection and our goal is to deliver with 100% customer satisfaction. We are committed to serving you and when you choose us, we will happily answer any questions that may arise; from the moment you call us to schedule an appointment until the day you happily sign the closing papers on your new home.

When you entrust Schenectady NY Home Inspections to inspect your potential home, we take that very seriously and we make it our goal to provide quality service to you fast; bringing expertise and customer service right to your doorstep!

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Home Inspections

Our home inspections meet all requirements, we know what is required in an inspection and our goal is to deliver with 100% customer satisfaction.

Radon Testing.png

Radon Testing

Every home has radon. The Environmental Protection Agency sets the threshold for safe levels. We make sure your radon levels are safe. 

Maintenance Inspections.png

Maintenance Inspections

We provide annual inspections to catch problems before they become expensive repairs.

Bacteria Testing.png

Bacteria Testing

Pest Inspection.png

Pest Inspection

Water Flow.png

Water Flow Test

Pool Inspection.png

Pool Inspection

Sewer Scope Inspection.png

Sewer Scope Inspection

Septic Inspection.png

Septic Inspection

Mold Inspection.png

Mold Testing

Chimney Inspection.png

Chimney Inspection Chimney Sweep


What sets Schenectady NY Home Inspections from our competition?
Our Experience

Schenectady NY Home Inspections has been performed over 7000 Inspections. During that time we have inspected properties of virtually every condition, so we know what to look for. At Schenectady NY Home Inspections, our home inspectors are certified, licensed and highly trained, staying current with all the reporting software and change in construction science.


Our services includes a thorough home inspection and evaluates every aspect of the property and we will identify issues whether minor or major. Each Home Inspection consists of a review of the condition, safety and functionality of the property from the plumbing, heating and electrical to the structural integrity inside and out. The reports we provide will arm you have all the information necessary in finalizing your purchase decision. 


Schenectady NY Home Inspections is a licensed New York State Mold Assessment business. When Mold is discovered a licensed New York State mold assessor is required to provide a mold assessment first. The mold assessment is then turned over to a NYS Licensed mold remediator. The NYS Licensed mold remediators will provide the work plan that is compiled of the required actions stated in our mold assessment. After the mold remediation company remediates the mold our technicians will return to the mold work site to determine if a mold clearance will be issued. If the mold remediation business remdiated the mold in accordance to our mold assessment we will then only issue a clearance. If the mold remediation company did not remove the mold properly and or follow the mold assesment provided by our mold assessors we will deny the mold assessment clearance.



Over 7000+ Inspections


Or less Turn Around On Reports


Reasonably Priced

Our Home Inspection Promise

"To Provide the most thorough home inspections and empower our clients with detailed reports so they can make an informed decision of the property they have undercontract "

Our Home Inspection Reviews


Very informative and saved us $$$ On defects we were not aware about. We hired Schenectady and why home inspections LLC to perform a home inspection on a home that we were going to purchase in Schenectady New York the home inspectors are very professional on time and very informative we had a lot of questions in all of our questions were answered . The property inspected that showed up for a real estate transaction was very nice and was able to provide us a very detailed report on the home that we were getting the home inspection on .
We ended up backing out of the deal due to all the defect that we found and it was clear that Schenectady NY home inspections LLC is for the client .
We plan on hiring them again when we find a property that we are in need of a home inspection .

Great home inspectors great business I would recommend this business to anyone.

Priced competitively but more importantly brings a lot of value with majoring items for negotiating. Saved us thousands just like the rest have said. Stop looking and give Schenectady ny home inspections LLC now you will not regret it. These guy caught a serious foundation problem that was hidden behind boxes. Although inspectors do no move furniture they were able to catch the bow by looking at the separation between the sill plate and foundation. Great home inspection business.

- Mark K.

-- Marlon L.

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Call your #1 Schenectady NY Home Inspector Today


A Proud Member of The New York State Building Officials Capital District Chapter Since 2011.


EPA Lead Safe Certified

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New York State Code Enforcement Certified

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