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The Best Roofing Materials for Your House

schenectady home Inspections the best roofing materials for your house
The Best Roofing Materials for Your House

Trying to figure out which roofing material is best? Have a look at the top seven choices.

#7 Asphalt Roll Roof (5+ years)

Asphalt roll roofing is a cheap option. It's better suited to your weekend DIY roofing job for your timber shed than your actual home. Don't think about using it for your own roof! There is not much that you can do to extend a asphalt roll roof’s life, just be certain it's clear of debris.

#6 Composite Shingle Roof (15+ Years)

While they may fall short in as few as 15 years, composite shingles are inexpensive to buy and install making them a popular choice.

Longevity forecasts for composite/asphalt shingles change tremendously because the standards vary tremendously. Premium composite shingles will push half a century.

Watch out for cheap composite shingles which begin to lose grains in the very first year. Never pressure wash your composite shingle roof and be sure to eliminate moss the moment it starts to grow.

#5 Wood Shingle Roof (25+ Years)

Wood is a natural substance. Therefore it's more likely to fall victim to weathering and corrosion. These shingles are flat and thin. Replace cracked and split shingles right away and control moss development.

#4 Standing Seam Metal Roof (30+ Years)

The pre-formed standing seam metal roof is mainstream today. After all, what could be more powerful than alloy overhead? But metal roofs can’t be installed by just anyone--contact a specialist.

Inspect a metal roof often for fastener and sealant failures. Assess for distressed, bent, or migrating panels and get issues addressed quickly.

#3 Wood Shake Shingle Roof (35+ Years)

Wood shakes are substantially thicker than timber shingles. Shakes are broken or sawn in the log and can stand up to weather and UV rays better than narrow timber shingles.

Engineered timber shakes may survive well over a century, however you need to baby them together with appropriate maintenance. There's no "set it and forget it" choice for this option. Remove debris when on the roof and eliminate moss. Replace split shakes immediately. Replace curled, cupped, or divided shakes right away too.

#2 Clay or Spanish Tile Roof (100+ Years)

Go to Spain and South America, and you'll discover even elderly Spanish tile roofs in pretty great form.

Of course, cracking of these terracotta tiles is what generally dooms them. Avoid walking on the tile and keep branches and other things that may impact it away. Keep them coated with a clear protectant.

#1 Slate Roof (100+ Years)

Slate is so durable that it makes all other roof materials seem like paper. Slate is actual rock, laid down thick onto the roof. But decent truss strength must be present to hold up such a heavy load.

You can extend slate’s life by replacing broken slate roofing right away. Ensure all flashing's are properly installed and in good working order. Whenever your copper flashing turns black, it’s time to replace it.

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