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The Cost of a New A/C

Schenectady Home Inspections The Cost of a New A/C
The Cost of a New A/C

In many portions of the USA, air conditioners are not only a luxury, but a requirement throughout the summertime. Newer central A/C units are quieter, stronger and more energy efficient than earlier versions, and they're able to offer increased value by helping lower energy bills every month.

If you are considering a brand new A/C device, then it is very good to understand how to ascertain the costs of a central ac system.

The very first step is deciding what size you are going to want. A/C units are measured in units, which pertains to the quantity of heat they can remove from a house within 1 hour.

A one-ton unit, as an instance, can eliminate 12,000 British thermal units (BTUs) and a three-ton system will eliminate 36,000. The bigger your residence, the more power you will want: A 1,600-square-foot home could be well served with a two-and-a-half-ton unit.

Next, you'll have to employ an HVAC contractor. For houses that have not had an A/C before, installation demands fresh breakers on your electric panel, wires run through your flooring, new duct work connecting to your current HVAC system and the mounting of your unit onto metal mounts or even a concrete pad outside.

For a basic two-ton version, expect to pay $3,000. A mid range unit will operate roughly $5,000, and also top notch A/C systems may creep up to around $10,000.

To offset the expense of air conditioning, it is possible to locate rebates or tax breaks from state or federal agencies. State authorities may offer rebates if you put in a specially high-efficiency systems too.

Several factors may raise the price of your air conditioner installation though. Should you want a new thermostat or if the plan of your home is such that considerable amounts of duct function have to link together with your current furnace, then you'll pay more than others.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is also a crucial element. This ratio is a measure of a A/C device's total cooling system (measured in BTUs) throughout the year, divided by its total electrical energy input. Presently, all components sold are around 13 SEER, and a few can perform up to 27 SEER.

The benefits of enhanced SEER ratings are reduced energy prices and cooling times, but they include a corresponding price hike. If your warm season is not especially long, the greater cost might not be worth it.

The noise is also a factor. Louder units may operate over 80 decibels on a hot afternoon, which can be painful to listen to. At 75 decibels, you are probably going to hear the unit in the garage or through a window, while at 70, it will start to fade to background noise. Many well-known manufacturers provide high-efficiency, low-noise versions for an elevated cost.

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