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Tips for Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Tips for Troubleshooting Electrical Problems schenectady home Inspections
Tips for Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

When it comes to the electricity in your home, keeping your family safe is paramount. Electrical issues can cause flickering lights, light bulbs being burned out frequently, power surges, or breakers being tripped by appliances. All of these are signs that pose potential fire hazards, putting your family and home at risk. More than 500 deaths occur annually due to electrical hazards. Choosing to ignore these signs not only endangers you and your family, but equipment that is not functioning properly becomes costly; either increasing utility bills due to inefficiency or causing an electrical fire which could cause substantial property damage. Below are 7 tips to help you identify electrical problems.

#1 Circuit Breaker Tripping – Breakers are tripped because of electrical overload and commonly occurs when too many appliances are plugged into the same circuit. Always know where the breaker box is located so you can reset the breaker. A certified electrician will be able to track the wiring to identify the cause and make necessary repairs.

#2 Electrical Outlets and Switches Not Working Properly – If you encounter sparks from an outlet or notice light switches are not functioning properly it is usually indicative of a poor connection in the wiring. Not only can these issues cause shock, but also if heat builds up, it could result in wires melting and causing a fire.

#3 Lighting Failure or Inconsistency – Lights are one of the most utilized fixtures in a house and if there are electrical issues, it will be first noticed in the lighting.

Flickering Lights – Potential frayed wiring or poor connection

Frequent Burnout – Check the wattage of the light bulb to ensure you are using the correct wattage.

Failure to Come On – This is a common issue with recessed lighting and could be caused from running lights that are not the right wattage, or from the insulation in the ceiling touching the bulb. Both are potential fire hazards.

Working with electricity involves many risks and is not something that should be handled by the novice or amateur do-it-yourselfer. While it is certainly safe to troubleshoot the electrical problems listed above, alterations or upgrades to any electrical system should be left to the licensed professionals.

Repair Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are commonly found in older homes. Over the course of time handymen, the homeowner or an unqualified electrician often makes various upgrades and changes; and while the electricity may be working overall, it does not mean it is safe. Such electrical issues are frequently found during home inspection and expert, well trained home inspectors know what red flags to look for.

Need a Home Inspector?

Our home inspectors are licensed and stay up to date on all regulations in Schenectady, NY. Give us a call so we can do your home inspection. We know how near and dear to the heart a home is for everyone. During the inspection, we invite you to come along with us so we can communicate with you everything we find. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have and will happily provide recommendations to you as needed. We value our customers and your safety and satisfaction are important to us. Contact us today!

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