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Are Gutters and Downspouts Really Necessary?

Are Gutters and Downspouts Really Necessary? Are Gutters and Downspouts Really NecessaryAre Gutters and Downspouts Really Necessary? Schenectady home Inspectors
Are Gutters and Downspouts Really Necessary?

There is ongoing controversy as to whether gutters and downspouts are really necessary on houses. After all, gutters do get clogged with leaves, birds like to build nests in them, and they are yet another item for homeowners to maintain, repair or replace...right?

Understanding Rain Gutters

The main purpose of rain gutters is to channel the water from the roof to the downspout and away from the house to reduce erosion and water accumulation at the base of the house. Not only do they help protect the foundation but they can also help protect the siding of the home from getting stained and worn. While gutters can overflow during extremely heavy downpours, they still channel a large amount of water away from the house.

When Are Gutters Necessary

Gutters are highly recommended in basically all climates except for desserts and areas with extremely little rainfall. Anything that can move rainwater or melting snow and ice away from the house will decrease the risk of flooding, erosion and damage to the foundation of a house. When you consider these benefits, the cost of a gutter system is minimal compared to the damage that it prevents.

Below are some of the specific scenarios in which gutters are necessary.

#1 Red Clay – Clay ground is a difficult terrain for anything and if water flow begins to create its own path, it could direct water straight to your foundation. In this instance not only are gutters and downspouts installed on the house, but the system continues underground so water is moved far enough away from the house.

#2 Roofs with Minimal Overhang – When roofs are close against the house, falling water lands even closer to the foundation without gutters. In addition to this issue, water will also pool in the walkways, making it messy for entry and exit to the home.

#3 Home is at the Bottom of a Slope – If your home is located at the lower part of a downward slope, roof and ground gutter systems will move water away from your property much better than gravity alone.

#4 Prevents Flooding Damage – Flooding happens and when it does having gutters and even rain-drain systems in place will be beneficial in channeling water away from your home. Water damage is not only limited to structural but moisture buildup from standing water can also create an environment for mold and mildew. The ground is only capable of absorbing so much water and whenever there are mechanisms in place to keep it moving away from your house, the less risk of property damage.

Maintenance on gutters is minimal overall, and worth it for the preservation of your property. Our services offer routine inspections for homeowners as well as complete walkthroughs if you have a prospective house that you may purchase. Please give us a call and we will set up an appointment to come out to your property.

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