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The Benefits of Gutters

schenectady home Inspections benefits of gutters
The Benefits of Gutters

Many people steer clear of gutters, having heard of damage they have caused to houses, along with the cost of associated with them. However, gutters do serve a purpose and offer protection to a home when properly installed and maintained. When gutters are not routinely cleared, they can result in house damage because instead of water flowing through the gutters and into the downspout, the rainwater will spill over the sides of the gutters and puddles will accumulate around the foundation of the house. Properly functioning gutters direct the rainwater away from the house, keeping it away from the structure. When gutters are properly installed and maintained, they provide multiple benefits to your property, as listed below.

Landscaping Protection

Planting flower beds and landscaping is frequently around a home. Having gutters prevents rainwater from the roof dumping onto the vegetation and damaging it by impact or washing it away.

Safeguard the Exterior Walls

After a period of time, without gutters, rainwater will repeatedly drain from the roof down the siding of the house, leaving stains from dirt and roofing debris. Initially this will only impact the aesthetics of the house, but eventually it can create damage to the exterior walls due to water getting behind the siding or creating cracks; both of which could cause structural damage.

Prevent Erosion

Most homes, as long as they are built to code, are structured on soil that gradually slopes so rain will be directed away from the foundation of the house. Gutters serve to further protect the foundation by directing rainwater from the roof away from the structure. When gutters are not installed, the earth around the foundation of the house eventually washes away this formed slope resulting in water pooling around the foundation. This erosion will eventually cause cracks in the foundation and walls and floors will eventually become uneven.

Avoid Flooding

When heavy rains occur, the soil becomes saturated, increasing the likelihood of water pooling around the foundation of houses, especially if gutters aren’t installed. As mentioned previously soil erosion can eventually create cracks in the foundation and walls. Homes with basements are even more prone to damage caused by saturated soil and if cracks form, flooding can occur in lower or underground floors of a home. Any processes that can be put into place that help alleviate the accumulation of water or even moisture around a house foundation should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment into your home.

Be mindful of the condition of gutters on your home. Or, if you are in the market of purchasing a home, take it into consideration. Rains in Schenectady, NY can be heavy at times and having gutters that are in good condition will offer protection to any home. If you would like to have a thorough home inspection, contact us and we will happy to get an appointment time set up with you.

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