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What’s Up On The Rooftop?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Schenectady home Inspectors What’s Up On The Rooftop
What’s Up On The Rooftop?

The roof of your home is the first line of defense against all weather elements ranging from a foot of snow falling from the night sky, heavy winds during the fall or torrential rains. The roof shelters you and your family from all sorts of climate changes, so it should not be neglected. As with any house, ongoing maintenance and repairs will be necessary and the roof is no different. Keep check on the condition of your roof to be aware of any signs of wear and tear. If these smaller issues are not caught in time, it could result in leaks that compromise the interior of your home. Even worse, by the time a leak becomes apparent, damage could have already occurred, including structural, insulation or mold issues. Save yourself a big headache and huge costs later on by having your roof inspected periodically.

Ways To Check For Damage

Some roof issues are easily spotted by the naked eye and there are certainly a few details you can check out on your own. If you notice shingles are missing, appear uneven or flapping, repairs should be made. Other telltale signs that your roof needs attention is noticeable growth of moss or lichen; both of which can penetrate shingles or cause water to accumulate underneath the shingles. Usually these issues can easily be seen from the ground so climbing on the roof is not something you need to worry about. You can also check your attic for leaks or signs of water damage.

When To Call A Home Inspector

While a visual check is a good start, you should have a professional inspect your roof as well. Roofs are designed to last several years, so if your roof is less than five years old, it is likely your visual check will suffice. The exception to this would be if there has been recent hail or windstorms, in which case an expert assessment would be a good precautionary measure. And, if your roof is more than five years old, or if you are looking into buying a house, be sure to have the roof checked by a home inspector.

If your roof is in need of repairs, it should be done in the warmer months, as newly installed shingles do not properly seal in cold temperatures. Additionally, you don’t want to procrastinate in getting the repairs done, otherwise further damage will occur. Rain is one thing, but imagine if you have leaks in your roof and snow falls before the repairs are complete. That snow could continue to accumulate and linger for several days or weeks; and once it begins to melt, more in-depth damage will be done to your home.

If your roof contains diamond shape dark colored shingles you may want to have the shingles tested and sampled for asbestos. Asbestos roofs can be costly to replace and large fines are involved with removing asbestos shingles without the proper licensed and precautions.

An experienced home inspector knows how to check for problems that are not easily seen. Avoid any delays in getting your roof inspected. Have a home inspection before the cold hits to ensure there is time to make repairs.

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