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Is a Two-Stage Furnace More Efficient?

Schenectady NY Home Inspection Is a Two-Stage Furnace More Efficient?
Is a Two-Stage Furnace More Efficient?

If you’re bundling up in your own home, it could be time to consider upgrading your heating and air system into a two-stage furnace.

This furnace corrects its heating output for optimum home relaxation, which may provide substantial energy savings too. Purchasing a two-stage furnace may pay off fast in the event that you reside in a chilly climate.

Standard furnaces are somewhat less effective

Most conventional furnaces deliver efficacy in the 80 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) range, in comparison to 98.5 efficiency delivered by some two-stage furnaces.

Many regular heaters are somewhat less effective than two-stage models due to the type of burner that they utilize. When you operate a normal furnace, the gas valve opens wide, so the fire is totally loaded. Once the property's temperature goes above the thermostat setting, the furnace shuts off completely.

Two-stage heating systems are energy efficient

Among the exceptional characteristics that high-efficiency heaters use is a two-stage system. Rather than on/off functioning of an older heater, the two-stage system may function at a high point of heating and also at a very low point of heating.

Most two-stage furnaces run in the lower point of heating system around 90 per cent of their day. This exceptional feature offers homeowners a substantial decrease in energy bills and will save on energy usage.

Variable speed blowers add to electricity savings

A high-efficiency furnace using a two-stage burner frequently offers a variable speed furnace blower too.

The heater uses a fan to push the heated atmosphere created by the burner via the ducts out into your house. In regular furnaces, the fan operates at just one speed: high.

But a variable speed blower works exactly like the two-stage burner, adjusting the fan's speed to supply the ideal quantity of warmth and using less power at the same time.

Combined, these features assist the furnace in reaching a much greater and much more energy efficient AFUE rating than regular furnaces.

Colder climates benefit from two-stage furnaces

For homeowners residing in warmer climates with mild winters, buying a high-efficiency furnace might not lead to a substantial return on investment.

In colder climates, however, investing in a two-stage furnace is logical. While it may cost more upfront than the normal furnace, within the life span of it, the usable gaps will lead to reduced energy bills and a greater degree of relaxation.

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