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Types of Attic Ventilation

Schenectady NY Home Inspection Types of Attic Ventilation
Types of Attic Ventilation

Ventilation is a major requirement for any attic. The major issue is to be sure to not just have a location for air to escape your loft, but also for air to get in through.

The same as a car motor has exhaust and intake, a loft must possess exactly the exact same thing. If the air in your loft sits without ventilation, it will condensate and lead to critical harm to the shingles, sheathing, insulation and ceilings of your home. Ventilation works better if there's as much space for air to go into the attic as there is for it to depart.

Air comes in through soffit vents in the over-hangings of the home. Most houses built in the past 30 decades or so will have eaves that have soffit vents or a space to include them.

On older houses, or bungalow style homes, you might need to set in a vented drip edge or something else. If you are not certain what your home has, try to see out the window and look up.

On a “hip style” home, and any like it, the ideal choice is probably a power lover, either wired or stainless-steel. They are available in various strengths and they can also come thermostatically and/or humidistatically controlled.

The last step is to determine the number of vents that will be necessary to supply the right amoutn of attic venting. Unless you've got a massive loft, one fan is usually enough. Power fans can port attics up of 2100 square feet in size.

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