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Common Foundation Problems

Schenectady NY home Inspections Common Foundation Problems
Common Foundation Problems

Whether you own a home and are concerned about the foundation or interested in learning more about the details to look for when buying a home, there are some common problems that are easy to locate.

For most people, a house is the most expensive investment ever made so being able to recognize problems can help you protect your home and also keep you from purchasing a home you will regret. There is not a single housing structure that is exempt from ever having foundation problems. Wood structured homes are prone to damage from moisture buildup; concrete slab homes can encounter problems from moisture as well as varying temperature changes, all of which can lead to the need for foundation repairs.

No Structure Is Exempt From Damage

Weather is a major culprit of foundation problems with colder climates adversely affecting homes because of the accumulation of snow or ice; and rainy climates weather hot or mild are prone to issues developing because of the combination of heat and moisture or flooding and droughts. The materials that foundations are made of react to the weather just like the earth’s soil does; so knowing the signs to look for can save you lots of money and headache in the future.

Here are the most common foundation problems.

#1 Door Frame Or Window Frame Separation: If you notice the frames of doors or windows separating from the home structure, it is a sure sign of trouble.

#2 Spongy Floors: Spongy flooring could be an indication of wood rot or other problems and should be checked out in detail.

#3 Cracks In The Exterior: Exterior cracks could be nothing more than aesthetic, such as find lines on steps, but cracks in zigzag formations along concrete, cinderblock or bricks could indicate major foundation trouble.

#4 Tile Cracks: If the bathroom or kitchen has tiles that show multiple cracks, there could be foundational problems. However, this is not always the case because tiles, while hard are also brittle.

#5 Uneven Floors: Homes eventually experience settling, which will make floors somewhat uneven, but if you notice a significant amount of sloping, have it checked out.

#6 Nails Pushing Through Drywall: Sometimes this is a natural process due to settling of a house, but if the ground under the house is eroding, then foundation complications are likely. Contact an expert for a thorough assessment.

If you notice one or more of these issues, contact one of our experienced home inspectors so we can check it out for you.

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