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8 Common Electrical Problems In The Home.

Schenectady NY Home Inspector 8 Common Electrical Problems In The Home
8 Common Electrical Problems In The Home

Electrical problems in your home can be dangerous. Even if you are an avid do-it-yourselfer, refrain from trying to personally address electrical issues and leave it to the professionals.

Not all electrical issues are hazardous; especially if they happen only once or twice; but if you are ever unsure, have it checked out. Below are the eight most common electrical problems.

#1 Recessed Lighting Randomly Goes Off and On: Recessed lighting has safety devices installed so if it overheats, it will automatically turn off. Typically overheating is caused by using light bulbs designed with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for or because the insulation in the roof is touching or too close to the light.

#2 Frequently Replacing Light Bulbs: Light bulbs can burn out for a variety of reasons, but frequent burnouts are usually caused by a significant problem. A certified electrician will be able to track the cause of the problem and here are some of the common reasons:

Bulb wattage is too high for the light fixture

Circuit or main breaker has bad wiring

Too much wattage running on a single circuit

Light is too close to insulation causing it to overheat

#3 Electrical Surges: Electrical surges can cause damage to appliances and other problems. Surges can be caused by area power outages or lightning storms, as well as faulty wiring or damaged appliances. You can conduct some self-tests by unplugging devices from outlets to see if the surges stop. Otherwise, seek the advice of a professional.

#4 Power Dips: If you notice the electrical supply to lights and devices seems to slow down or dip, this is an indication of faulty wiring; and can also be caused by poorly designed appliances or devices that require more power.

#5 Changes In Light Brightness: Lights can burn too dim or too bright at times. Occasionally this is an indication that the light bulb is about to blow, but sometimes it is because of a poor connection in the main breaker box.

#6 Electrical Shocks: Getting shocked is not pleasant and most electrical shocks are not much more intense than a static shock, but nonetheless, it should be a reminder that electricity can be dangerous. If you experience electrical shocks when turning appliances or light switches on or off, have it repaired immediately.

#7 Expensive Electric Bill: If appliances are working inefficiently or if the wiring in your house is damaged, you will pay for it out of pocket. If either of these could potentially be the issue have them checked out. Identifying the reasons for inefficiently will reduce your electric bill, unless of course the provider is charging outrageous fees, in which case you should find another provider.

#8 Overloading the Circuit: Circuit breakers trip as a result of the electrical demands being more than it can handle. Avoid plugging in too many devices on the same circuit; rather distribute them evenly throughout the house.

Sometimes electrical problems happen only once or twice, but if you have reoccurring problems, contact an electrician to assist you.

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