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Are Foundation Problems A Deal Breaker When Buying A Home?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Foundation Problems Schenectady NY Home Inspector
Are Foundation Problems A Deal Breaker When Buying A Home?

The foundation of a home is crucial to the structural integrity of a home. Some foundation problems are more critical then others; and repair costs can vary significantly, but almost all of them are repairable.

Signs of Foundation Problems

When looking at houses, there are visual cues that you can look for even before getting a formal inspection. Here are a few of the unquestionable signs:

Chimneys that are leaning or badly cracked

Visible water damage or standing water

Windows and doors that do not open and close easily

Cracks in the concrete, floors, walls, doors and windows

Porches or stoops that are unlevel

Sloping floors

Causes of Foundation Issues

All foundations have stressors, no matter the material they are constructed with. Most foundation issues occur due to the following reasons:

Foundation heave: Soil moves over time and occasionally it will surge upward causing the foundation to heave when other weak points are being compensated for.

Stem wall deterioration: The stem wall is what sits directly atop the concrete slab. This is the base of all floors and walls throughout the house.

Foundation settlement: Settlement of the foundation is inevitable to a certain degree, but if excessive moisture or erosion occurs, the effects of settling are increased. This is what often causes sloped floors, cracked walls and other issues that may not be immediately visible.

Costs of Repair

Most foundation issues can be repaired, but is dependent on particular circumstances. Of course the cost is based on the extent of repair needed. While repairs can get costly, as you see the listed averages below, consider that the cost of a brand-new foundation typically costs up to $40,000.

Crack repairs - $400 to $3000

Lifting a securing a sinking foundation - $1000 to $3000

Significantly large repairs - $3500 to $30,000

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Inspection

The age of a home is not a determining factor in the likelihood of foundation problems. There have been newer homes that encounter issues as well, so do not assume that when buying a newer home you are automatically exempt from foundation issues. The best option is to hire a home inspector for a professional evaluation. Our licensed and experienced inspectors happily serve the entire Schenectady, NY area. Give us a call so we can answer your questions and take a look at your property. After the completion of the inspection we will happily provide our recommendations and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

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