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Finding a Buried Fuel Oil Tank

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Schenectady NY Home Inspector Finding a Buried Fuel Oil Tank
Finding a Buried Fuel Oil Tank

When a house becomes converted from gas to a new heat source, the old gas tank becomes abandoned. When the tank is left behind, it has to be taken care of.

When the tank is buried, it has to be eliminated because, when an oil tank has been abandoned buried, it might eventually leak. A leaking underground storage tank (LUST) may contaminate the soil in addition to your house, making for an environmental threat that may cost a ridiculous quantity of cash to clean up.

A gas oil tank takes up a great deal of space, so most people decide to get them removed, but laws differ from city to city.

The simplest way to recognize a possible buried gas oil tank is to search for a fill pipe and vent pipe around the outside of the house. At times, the pipes will proceed through the base wall of the house. Occasionally, they simply go down into the floor.

When gas tanks have been eliminated, the vent and fill pipes have to be eliminated or cut and filled with concrete. If you discover pipes sticking from the floor or base wall, it probably means the tank is still around.

If the tank remains there, it has to be eliminated by a professional. The vent and fill pipes must be removed too.

You will hear of ‘mistakes’ that occurred throughout the 60's and 70's, where one home got confused with another. About once per year, a home could get contaminated with gallons of gas oil and the contamination was so bad the responsible business had to purchase the property in order to tear it down and remove the contamination.

When looking for the vent and fill pipes, if they run next to each other, the tank is likely underneath your home. If they split from one another, it’s probably in the yard somewhere. In either case, it’s important you call in a professional to handle the issue.

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