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The Importance Of Replacing Rotten Wood In Your Home.

Schenectady NY Home Inspector Importance Of Replacing Rotten Wood In Your Home
The Importance Of Replacing Rotten Wood In Your Home

Home repairs and upkeep are some of the realities of owning a home, and every homeowner has the desire to keep everything working in premium condition. Some problems that arise are obvious such as a hot water heater needing replacement or a leak under the kitchen sink. When those issues occur, you get them addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and inconvenience. However, sometimes problems begin and they aren’t quite so obvious.

For instance, most homes are built with substantial amounts of wood in the structure and foundation; the very bones of your house, and if this begins to rot, then the integrity of your home could be compromised. Unfortunately, rotting wood is not as recognizable as other issues are and when it is noticed, its possible considerable damage has already occurred.

Replace Rotting Wood the Right Way

Once you do notice wood rotting in your home, take the necessary action to replace it right away. Rotting wood is a form of fungus and spreads like a disease. The wood becomes spongy and the moisture will quickly migrate to surrounding wood, making it very brittle. Once the wood reaches this point, the structure of your home is at risk.

Stop Rot In Its Tracks

Once rotting wood has been brought to your attention have the issue resolved by professionals to be sure that appropriate measures are taken to stop the rotting from progressively getting worse. Because wood rot is a fungus, it can be stopped and the faster you react, the better. Most of the time rotting wood needs to be replaced, especially wood that is critical to the support of your home. However, if damage is minimal, then there are other methods available for repair.

How To Locate Rotting Wood

Rotting wood will be softer so pressing on it will cause it to give somewhat. If you have moisture around the base of your home, carefully inspect the wood. In addition to the base of your home, if the siding has moisture seeping behind it, or un-patched holes or cracks, this can lead to wood rot also. Even if wood may not be the primary structure of your home, there are still multiple areas that will have wood. These include along the roof and around gutter systems, or under the roof shingles. Window frames, door-sills and flooring or walls near plumbing are also areas to be aware of.

Ideally, you will check for issues every few months to ensure you detect damage in the early stages. Involving a professional will be beneficial in the proper assessment of your home. This is included in services done by home inspectors and they know precisely what to look for in regards to damage. When you choose to have a home inspector conduct an evaluation for you, they can also point out areas of concern to you so throughout the year, you will know the areas to be mindful of.

Our home inspection services will be happy to address any concerns you have with your home or the one you hope to buy. Give us a call and we will be happy to come out.

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