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Schenectady NY Home Inspections takes pride in providing the most extensive home inspections. We offer the most comprehensive and meticulous home inspections in  Schenectady NY and surrounding counties. Our reports are detailed and worded for the average home buyer to comprehend. We take the time and patience to explain the possible issues that a home may have and make sure you truly understand the issues at hand.

When inspecting your home, there are hundreds of items that we inspect. We leave no stone un-turned. Below are just a few of the many items included on your home inspection.



Roof Components

 Roof Components

  • the roof covering

  • the drainage system

  • the roof penetrations (exhausts, skylights, vents etc)


Basement, Foundation & Crawlspace

  • the basement, foundation, slab, crawl spaces

  • visible structural components; supports, columns piers, lolly columns load bearing walls

  • check for water penetration in to basement, foundation and crawl spaces and or moisture issues; 

  • check for wood/ sheathing in close proximity to soil and outside elements that may damage exterior unprotected lumber

  • observe and report on foundation movement, by inspecting for cracks, separation, bowing, shifting, displacement, excessive settlement, cracks in all materials that may indicate serious issues 

  • observe and report on non industry standard excessive notching or alternative non industry standard framing methods

Structural Components

Structural components 

  • rafters, bearing walls, post and beam connections, basement structural, footings, foundation and overall structural conditions.

Electrical System

 Electrical System 

  • main service line and sub feeds

  •  amperage

  • breaker type

  • rust in panel, open slots, overall condition

  • bonding and grounding

  • fixtures, outlets and recommended GFI outlet placement

  • report on over condition of wiring 

  • outlets


Heating System

 Heating System 

  • operate and inspect heating system, fuel source

  • ducts, piping and components associated with heating system

  • maintenance issues

Cooling System

Cooling System 

  • operate if conditions allow

  • report on deficiencies and maintenance issues

  • inspect accessible and associated components on overall condition 

Plumbing System

Plumbing System

  • identify source

  • locate and inspect main shutoff;

  • Inspect water heater system and associated components such as connection points, energy source, supply and distribution lines as a hole and individual components, air vents, discharge locations and condition, pressure relief valves for leaks and condition, flues for holes and over condition, lack of or presence of drip leg/sediment trap, leaks and conditions

  • inspect drainage on all fixtures of the home for drainage issues including main stack while checking for leaks or weak connection points



  • inspect siding, flashing, trim condition 

  • soffits, fascia, post, supports of such 

  • check for areas of water/rodent entry and over exterior condition 

  •  surface water management and associated components 

Doors Interior

 Doors, Windows and Interior?

  •  Wall coverings, windows, trim and doors for functionality noting all defects

  • inspect all visible walls, steps, ceilings, floors, stairways, landings and railings;

  • fire doors, rafters (visible) sheathing 

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