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The Real Estate Industry Exposed.

After your contract for your potential new home is accepted typically the next step is a home inspection. Most buyers will turn to there real estate agent for a referral for a home inspector.

BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Here is why....

Real Estate Agents tend to refer home inspectors who write "soft reports". This means the home inspector who is performing the home inspection steers away from using the word "major" when describing the defects at hand. If a major is called out usually in a typical real estate transaction this may give you an opportunity to:

1.) Get out of the contract

2.) Ask for a credit for the repairs

3.) Ask for the seller to make the repairs prior to moving forward

A "Major" tends to throw a wrench in the transaction for the real estate agents who are involved. As this may lead to the "deal falling through", more work for the agents to hash out or delay the transaction. It is only fair for a buyer to have the opportunity to come to a solution with the seller after he or she is made aware of the potential major defects during the home inspection. You may be asking yourself "I don't want to delay the transaction!". When we call  out a major it gives you the opportunity to re-negotiate/request repairs and or credits... You don't necessarily have too!

Schenectady NY Home Inspections LLC generates 95% of our business through google. We do not rely on real estate agents for our business. The other 5% are from agents who truly are looking out for there clients. Most realtors are honest. Some agents have their own best interests at hand.

If you are looking for a home inspector who has YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HAND. Give Schenectady NY Home Inspections LLC a call today.


Learn More About Why It is Not a Good Idea to Hire Your Real Estate Agents Home Inspector by watching the video below and reading the articles.

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